Pinn's store is a great place to get deals. It is generally a little cheaper to buy anything here than through the regular store.

This is also the only way to buy Auto tickets.

Pinn's store is notable as one of the best ways to aquire 4 star runes, usable for grade up mats in the terrible path of getting 5 star runes.

Buying a regular rune from Pinn's store has a very small chance of giving you a rare rune.

Purchasing directly from Pinn's store is one of the best ways to get rare runes.

And watch out! There is a lot of variance in the price of runes in Pinn's store. Although you may pay a premium if the rune you want comes up rather than just waiting constantly for it to come again at a better price.

Pinn's store refreshes in one hour and five seconds. You can instantly refresh for 5 rubies,

List of Wares

Auto Tickets: 1 ruby each. Possible in stacks of 5, 10, 20, and 45.

Enhancement Scrolls: 20 rubies each. Possible in stacks of 1, 3, and 5.

30 High-Grade Souls: 4 Rubies

30 Top-Grade Souls: 16 rubies

1 star runes: 2,700 - 3,500 gold

2 star runes; 7,200 - 9,400 gold

3 star runes: 26,300 - 32,000 gold

4 star runes: 136,000 - 184,000 gold

5 star runes: 871,200  - 1,108,800 gold

3 star rare runes: 102 - 134 rubies

20,000 gold: 9 rubies

60,000 gold: 27 rubies

300,000 gold: 112-125 rubies

650,000 gold: 225 rubies

5 wings: 9 rubies

17 wings: 27 rubies