Overview Edit

Arcade is a classic shoot-em-up gamemode, where, instead of going through enemy waves, enemies move freely around the screen, your goal is to defeat as many as possible and finish the stage.

Explanation Edit

Each week, 3 preset teams are given to choose. Each team consists of 3 Lv. 70 heroes with +5 enhancements, in some cases, they will also be in their Ultimate Grade-Up form. The teams are set weekly and are randomly generated. The first clear of a stage with each team will net you 30.000 Gold.

Within the stage, there are around 5 sections, one for each element (Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, albeit not necessarily in that order), defeating a boss will let you automatically jump to the next section, and so on. Minibosses come in the form of big mooks, some are preset to drop Bombs, which serve to eat about 20% HP from a boss when used and clear all the bullets and enemies onscreen. Bosses come in the form of in-game characters, which change every week.

Your preset team will always consist of a shooter and two supports, the Tag system works differently here compared to Scenario, Special Dungeon and Infinite, your offensive/shooter character will always be onscreen, while the tag buffs your supports can do will automatically apply to your offensive character when tagging them, the offensive character itself can also activate it's Tag, Tags have a 60 second cooldown, so it's generally encouraged to go all out on the bosses, sections usually take long enough for the tag cooldowns to refresh.

Scoring Edit

Each team has their own score, your total score is the sum of the scoring you did with all teams, there are many ways to increase your score:

  • Defeating as many enemies as possible, bosses included.
  • Collecting point items, which defeated enemies drop, coming in variations of 10 (small bronze stars), 50 (medium silver stars) and 250 (large gold stars). Bosses drop huge amounts of them when defeated.
  • Collecting Bombs and keeping them in stock without using them, you can have (and will always reach) a maximum of 12, each reserved bomb is worth 10.000 points.
  • Not getting hit by any attacks, you can obtain up to an additional 10.000 points just by this, but it will decrease by 1.000 everytime you get hit.

Others Edit

Certain character skills don't work here, such as "inflict x on enemy row", since there are no enemy rows in this mode, Special skills don't work here either, since there are none that are Arcade-oriented or take effect on this mode in any way.